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Summer Break: I’m Baaaaack!

On June 1st, I went to Portugal for what was supposed to be a ten day break. Fast forward two months and I’m still here! I’ve been working at Bura Surfhouse and enjoying life in the sun so much, I decided to take a little summer break from The Recovering Humanitarian. But I’m back to blogging this week and I have so much to share with you guys!!! Look out for new pieces over the next few days on the very best of Lagos Portugal, Vietnam 101 plus my summer diary and heaps more!

New Feature Coming Soon!


As a frequent traveler, I was really inspired by this piece earlier in the summer: The Other Travelers by Elisa on The Pin the Map Project. It talks about the current state of the world and how travel is a luxury for some but a grim necessity for others, fleeing conflict. So I’ve decided to feature some stories from people I know working at the front lines of the refugee crisis- in Greece, Lebanon, South Sudan and elsewhere- to explore the nuances of global travel in today’s complicated world. Watch this space!


With that in mind, remember to stay grateful. In a summer full of terrible news, I’m grateful for family, friends, health, fitness and the freedom I have to move countries as I wish. Plus sunsets and wine too. With love from Portugal x




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Irish fitness freak with a severe nomadic habit. Ex- Oman, London and East Africa. Now based in Europe but frequently in Asia. I blog about travel, fitness and lifestyle for millenials. Previously human rights, still into security and intelligence.

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