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If You’re a Frequent Traveler, Here’s Why You Should Do Yoga

1. You Can Find Yoga Classes Everywhere


It can be hard to keep fit when you’re travelling (check out my top tips here) but you can find drop in yoga classes everywhere. Unlike gyms which tend not to cater to people passing through a place, the vast majority of yoga classes are offered on a drop in basis, making them easily accessible to travelers. I’ve done yoga classes while passing through Oman, Bali, the UAE, Ireland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Portugal! Seriously, everywhere.

2. Or You Can Bring Them With You


All you need to do yoga is some space. Seriously, not even a mat (although I am a huge fan of my La Vie Boheme travel mat). Throw down a towel if you have one but really, you can do some simple yoga stretches anywhere whether it’s the back of an airplane or a hostel dorm room. And with so many free yoga tutorials available online, there really is no excuse. Yoga With Adriene is my absolute favourite and she even has some short and sweet, special travel edition yoga videos!

3. Travel Can be Stressful For the Mind


Travel is supposedly good for the soul but sometimes it can be stressful.You don’t have to be into the meditative side of yoga to appreciate its mental benefits. A good stretching workout helps to calm the mind and help you limit any stress you’re experiencing.

4. And Harsh on Your Body


Cramped airplane seats, long bus journeys, early starts, processed foods- the actual journey can be rough on your body. Yoga is great for evening out any imbalances in your body and helping to stretch and soothe sore and tight muscles.

5. It can be an excuse for another holiday


If you’re an avid traveler, you’ll probably look for any excuse to travel more and yoga can give you one. I’m a big fan of healthy holidays which leave you feeling fresh, fit and better than before. There’s been a huge boom in active holidays in recent years with so many options available for yoga holidays these days. You can do a yoga retreat literally almost anywhere from Nicaragua to Ireland, Greece or Sri Lanka. Try a Surf and Yoga camp in Morocco, a rural retreat in Laos or a yoga/hiking holiday in Nepal. The possibilities are truly limitless!

So what are you waiting for? Go get on your mat! And if you think you’re not ‘good’ at yoga, remember to keep this in mind x


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