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Love Letter to Cambodia



I loved Cambodia from the first rain soaked evening I arrived in its rambling French colonial-era capital Phnom Penh. Coming from the craziness of Vietnam, where crossing the street means taking your life in your hands, I appreciated its laid back, easy going charm.

People are different and so are travel experiences. I’ve heard some negative reports about Cambodia, but I can honestly say it was one of the best countries I’ve ever visited and somewhere I’d love to return to.

The month I spent there can be summed up as: temples, yoga, beach, food, coffee, wine. AKA heaven.

A word on the food; Cambodian food is often lessened when compared to the cuisine of its neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam. But I though Khmer food to be delicious! Their way of making curries reminded me of Malaysian cooking, delicately layered spice that’s tastier than just firing in chillies!

Also, the French influence means there are some fantastic French restaurants. Try Le Cyclo in Phnom Penh for Bouef Bourginon followed by chocolate mousse!

This is less a love letter than a defence; I though Cambodia was wonderful and I hope you will do. The only way to find out is go!

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    • Louise Hogan says

      I did a yoga retreat in Siem Reap with Angkor Zen Gardens. I did another one in Bali earlier this year and next week I’ll have post up comparing both!

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