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February: This month I’m . .

Being a boring git.

I’m off booze and working from home. I couldn’t be more anti -social if I tried!

Working out. A lot.

Again, for reasons above. 4-5 sessions a week, lots of BBG, some yoga and the odd outdoor run when there’s a break in the rain. Right now, that’s not even once a week. My skipping rope has been getting a lot of use.



Rocking these.


The good thing about being a boring git? It saves you money. Which you can then blow on trainers like these. 95 euro from Lifestyle Sports.

Dreaming of Portugal.

Specifically Bura Surfhouse in Lagos. To cope with the crap weather, I’m holiday planning for May. Lisbon has been high on my to-see list for a while so I decided I just had to go this year! While looking for somewhere beachy with yoga to combine a Lisbon city break with, I came across the very cool looking Bura Surhouse, a beachhouse/hostel/surfcamp with rooftop yoga and wine tastings. Sold.

Planning my next pair of CVDs

Custom Vintage Dublin is the best. I came across them on Instagram last summer and instantly ordered a pair which I adore. They took me from Ireland to Abu Dhabi, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Australia! See below, city style for Brisbane and island style for Phi Phi.

Last year, my holidays were all about Asia but this year, I’m more Europe focused (and possibly East Africa if I can swing it- Mozambique, I’m eyeing you up for Winter!) so I hope to have plenty of opportunities to show off a new pair!

My original CVDs are still going strong but I want a second pair in a different style as they’re the absolute best when you’re travelling – great by the pool or at the beach but cool enough to wear out at night too! I’m putting a lot more thought into this pair and what I want them to look like; I’m thinking a variation of the pair below. It’s also helping me struggle though the Irish winter!

Cooking Auburgine Parmigiana

This dish is easy to make and the biggest crowd pleaser. I made it for a dinner party last month and basked in compliments- although that may have had something to do with all the wine I plied my guests with! It’s good comfort food and makes a great cheat day dinner. I like Jamie Oliver’s version best.

Obsessed with Suas Coffee House

One of The Irish Times Top 10 coffeeshops in Ireland and also Today FMs Top 10 cups of coffee, Suas is sooooo good! Starting out in a small cafe space above Carrig Donn, they’ve now got a great space on O’Connell St. The 3fe coffee is stellar and the food is ace. This place knows good coffee but they’re friendly and unpretentious about it. It’s an absolute gem.

And remembering this




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