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March: This Month I’m. . .

Staying Local

In January, I visited Belgium and Luxembourg and I have upcoming trips to Berlin and Portugal planned for May and June. But that leaves me with three full months of no travel in between! February and now March are nearly finished and I really am itching to get on a plane! But I’ve been trying to explore more of Ireland too with mini breaks to Lahinch, Limerick and Galway. Not quite as exciting but still.


Lahinch Beach, County Clare

Obsessing over Zara Gymwear

I’m a Zara obsessive anyway and now they do gymwear, my obsession is complete! As you would expect from Zara, their first activewear collection is full of hardworking basics and muted tones that fit really well. Even though I spend all my time online, I somehow missed the launch  and three days later, a number of the pieces were already sold out. However, to Zaras credit, they were restocked within a few days.

To start with I got two pairs of running tights- in black and navy blue- which are super flattering, with a high waist and great shape. See (and shop) their entire collection here.

Image 1 of LEGGINGS from Zara

Never buying BooHoo Fit again

I’m a big fan of high street activewear; Forever 21 in particular do amazing, affordable pieces that really last. But I’m never ordering BooHoo Fit pieces again. I’ve noticed some Irish bloggers raving about their pieces in sponsored posts lately and I have to say, I couldn’t disagree more! The fit and shape of the collection is really poor. I ordered two pairs of work out leggings in my regular size. One pair was very baggy at the knee and hips, so I returned it for a smaller size (thinking all my exercise was starting to pay off!) but no, it’s just the crappy way they’re made. The materials are quite heavy for activewear also and not particularly comfortable when you’re working up a sweat.

With Zara doing gymwear now and as I mentioned, Forever 21 doing great, hardworking pieces, I’ll be sticking to those in future.

Working on a Masters Application

I’ve been a little quiet blog-wise of late, mostly because I’ve been busy with work (regular and freelance) and also because I’ve been working on my MSc application. And by working on it, I mean frowning at my laptop, sighing, checking my Instagram, going to make coffee and then maybe writing a sentence or two. For a while, I was very tempted to just submit a piece of paper  saying ‘JUST PICK ME BECAUSE I’M BLOODY AWESOME!’ .

Dying by Kayla and Sweating with Freelethics

My Kayla Itsines BBG obsession continues but I’ve now discovered a new torturer- the Freelethics app. Short, sweaty, insanely hard workouts. Check them out here.

Bit scary, aren’t they?!

Carbing  up a storm!


I usually stick to a low-carb diet but the last week or two, I’ve been easing up on the food side a bit and upping my exercise to make up the difference!

I’m an absolute sucker for cookbooks and this month, I got a few foodie treats; two new cookbooks and some ace spice mixes from Steenbergs, a UK based company. So it’s been lamb biryani all round, I’m afraid!


My little cookbook collection!

Posting on Kuala Lumpur


As I said, I’ve been quiet blog-wise the last 3 weeks or so but here’s my Flashpacker Weekend KL post, in case you missed it.

Reminiscing about Cambodia & Zanzibar

FCC view, Phnom Penh.jpg

Two of my favourite every holidays, look out for blog posts in April on these two amazing destinations!

And finally, because it’s been a quiet month of non- travel for me:


Happy Easter everyone x


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