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April: This Month I’m . . .

Backyard Travelling


So my wanderlust-induced whinging will finish soon as I’m off to Berlin next weekend! This month, I went on a couple of mini-adventures to Galway and the Burren with work. If you’re in Clare, I so highly recommend visiting Kilshanny House! Their signature dish, the Burren Béilíní is an amazing selection of fresh, local sustainable produce that is absolutely delicious! With lots of events happening- music, walks, talks, singers clubs etc- and an unbelievably warm welcome from Mary and Aidan, I really couldn’t recommend a stop here highly enough!



Eating Clean-ish

I had a few off weeks where I was still working out 4-5 times a week but not being very careful with my diet. Predictably, I ended up feeling a bit sluggish, bloated and all round not very attractive. It’s also a frustrating way of training, feeling yourself getting stronger but not seeing the results as there’s a layer of carb bloat surrounding your new gains!

Small goals always help get back on track so I set myself 5 weeks to up my training game and start eating clean-ish. For me, this means 5 super low carb days, 1 good carb (brown rice/pasta) day and 1 cheat meal day per week. I don’t count macros, but this is what works for me! And I’m getting baby abs


Note the empty box of chocolates in the bottom of the shot!


Being Inspired by Lisa Messenger


I love Lisa Messenger. She’s a bit of a bad ass, launching a highly successful print magazine at a time when the industry is on its knees. All her books are very honest and truthful, a mix of wise words and practical advice. Buy if you’re trying to be braver and bolder. Go dare and disrupt.

Wearing Penneys & Freddy’s!

Where would us Irish girls be without Penneys?! I stopped in recently and picked up a couple of cute lightweight t-shirts- good for yoga and perfect for summer, if it ever arrives. Also, their workout leggings are ace at only a fiver a pop.

Freddy jeans been all over my Insta for aaaaages! I’ve had my eye on their leather pants for a while. In Galway this week, I was drawn into the gorgeous PIA and ended up trying on a pair. A mistake really as once they were on I instantly fell in love! They’re amazing though and a total investment. I road tested them at a casual dinner at Tribeton (probably the best looking restaurant in the West with great food to boot) but will have to wear them out properly soon and snap a few pics!

P.S. PIA in Galway is an ace shop, the owner Denise is really knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Highly recommend stopping in or shopping online.

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