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The Best At Home Workouts

Working out at home is really time and cost effective. If you’re a great self-motivater, there are so many resources online- free and paid for- so there really is no excuse for not building your own, fully fledged fitness routine at home!

I started at home workouts because I was a student and money was tight but also because I was too intimidated to go to a gym when I first started working out. Then I got into a good routine, found some online workouts I loved and was just hooked. I do the odd class or gym session but in general, I work out at home 5-6 hours a week!

But with so many online fitness videos/e-books out there, it can be hard to know where to start! So here are my favourites; the ones I return to again and again, the ones that are easy to follow and really work!



Yoga With Adriene

Adriene is an actress and yoga teacher from Austin, Texas. She posts completely free yoga videos on her amazing Youtube channel that literally cover everything; yoga for beginners, for runners, for when you’re angry, for back pain, for weight loss, for stress, etc. Her videos vary in length from 10 minutes to one hour so you can always find something that suits you. I often like to do a quick 10 or 15 minute video to cool down after a HIIT session or the longer videos make a great workout in themselves.

YWA is wildly successful mainly due to Adriene’s attitude to yoga which doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re into the more soulful, meditative side of yoga that’s cool but Adriene is more about yoga for everyone and finding what feels good. So she gives lots of variations for all levels and chats the whole way through each practice; her easy manner and frequent jokes will get you through those vinyasas!



Image result for amanda bisk

Amanda Bisk

Stretching is something I’m really guilty of neglecting! Even though it’s so important, many of us rush through a few quick movements at the end of a workout and don’t take the time to do it properly!

But I’m trying to rectify that; I’ve got my foam roller which I use 2-3 times a week (so so SO painful) and I’m setting aside time to stretch every day even if it’s just ten minutes before bed. I actually downloaded Amanda Bisks guide to stretching – Ab Body Squad-last year but didn’t do it consistently. I’m back on it now and find it really good! And let’s face it, if you want to get more flexible, you could do worse than following moves from a former Olympic hopeful like Bisk. Her Insta feed is simply ridiculous.

The guide has step-by-step photo guides to each stretch. It’s simple but effective.  I found it so good I also bought her Stretch and Yoga guide which includes 180 minutes of video stretching tutorials and yoga classes. Bisk also has a new programme Fresh Body, Fit Mind which is a total workout programme incorporating HIIT circuits .





Kayla Itsines

It was only ever going to be Kayla! Kayla is literally a fitness queen; her online community of followers consists of ten MILLION women around the world!

Her Bikini Body Guide features HIIT workouts which are only 28 minutes, consisting of 4 rounds of 7 minutes each. Sounds easy but it’s incredibly hard. However, it’s short so it’s easy to motivate yourself to do it! I don’t follow the BBG programme to the letter but I tend to do 1-2of Kayla’s workouts a week.

She also has an app (iphone only) called Sweat with Kayla and check out #BBGtransformations on Insta or facebook for some truly jaw dropping results! I bought my BBG guide well over a year ago now but you can pretty much find all the workouts for free on Pinterest!

Best App


I’m not really into fitness apps. I know some people who swear by My Fitness Pal etc. but they’re not really for me!

One app I do really like however is Freelethics; it’s got lots of super quick workouts that are great for adding on after a cardio session. I use the ten minute ones for a serious burst of HIIT after a run. You can pay for personalied programmes but I just use the basic free workouts! #cheapskate

Did I miss your favourite at home workout? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Facebook Page x

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